2. Must be LotR character related fics from either book or movie. NO actor fics.
  3. Spell check your work. Use correct punctuation and capitalization. Fail to do this, your fic will not appear in this archive. Take pride in your work ^~.
  4. Use paragraphs when a character is talking. Alot of people make this mistake.
  5. Must be ratings G, PG, PG-13, and R. NO NC-17 fics.
  6. (This is opitional, but it helps) Authors notes at either the end or at the begining of the fic.
  7. Fan art is also excepted, and will be featured in the Misc. section. Send in jpg. or Bimap. format. Same rules goes for the pics that are being submitted. NO porn.
Now before you go on to the next step, review with yourself some of these questions:

Did I check my spelling, punctuation, grammer, and paragraphs?
Did I check for the content of my work, such as what rating is it?
Is it LotR/elf related?

Once your done with your review, down below you'll find a form in which you must copy and paste in your email, and fill out along with your attachment of the fic. Please send fics in either HTML or TXT format.

Once you're done email it to: and type in the RE: FAN FICTION. That way I know what it is.
I know it seems alot, but I want readers, like you and I to be able to read a fic an know what it is, as well as to be aware of the rating.

Note: I don't just take ANY fan fic that comes along. I want the fic to be good. I'm kinda picky when it comes to fan fiction. The reason why is because I want people to come out of this site thinking or saying "Wow, that was a good fan fic". I know that seems harsh but I rather focus on an old saying than anything:

Quality not quanity.